Monona Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Public Safety Downtown Business District Improvements 06-01-2026 $715,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers New Water Meters and Sanitary Sewer Jetting Equipment w/ Video System 06-01-2019 $242,439.86
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers Improvements and upgrades to Monona Wastewater Treatment Facility 06-01-2033 $2,603,000.00
Revenue Bonds Housing/Urban Dev. Garden View USDA Direct 07-01-2045 $1,526,673.85
Revenue Bonds Housing/Urban Dev. Garden View Freedom Bank 07-01-2026 $699,922.67
Revenue Bonds Public Buildings/Schools Little Bulldog Child Care 04-02-2046 $221,701.27
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers Davis Street Improvements 06-01-2018 $170,000.00
Total Debt as of 2015: $6,178,737.65

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