Knoxville Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers Streetscape Project 2013A G.O. 06-01-2023 $2,395,000.00
General Obligation Other city projects 2010C G.O. 06-01-2022 $1,515,000.00
General Obligation Other city projects 2012A G.O. 06-01-2020 $725,000.00
General Obligation Transportation construct street, sanitary, storm sewer, water improvements, aquisition, installation and repair of traffic control devices 06-01-2019 $600,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers emergency sewer repair 2010D 06-01-2023 $535,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers sewer infrastructure 2008 Sewer Revenue 06-01-2028 $4,250,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers I&I Improvement Projects 2015A Sewer Revenue 06-01-2027 $3,180,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers sewer relief project 2010A SRF 06-01-2031 $2,150,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers 2010B Sewer Revenue Bond 06-01-2017 $270,000.00
Total Debt as of 2016: $15,620,000.00

Fun Facts: