Decatur County Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Other improvements/acquire furnishings and equipment for courthouse and jail; sheriff's vehicle and GIS system purchases 06-01-2021 $256,920.00
Capital Leases/Lease to Purchase Transportation Secondary Rds equipment: excavator, tree grinding head, cutters and mower kit 12-28-2019 $171,857.04
Capital Leases/Lease to Purchase Transportation a tractor for Secondary Roads 07-19-2020 $55,146.14
Loans Public Buildings/Schools Public Health Building loan 06-01-2032 $59,175.71
Loans Public Buildings/Schools roof/siding repairs to Public Health Building 04-01-2026 $18,014.92
Total Debt as of 2017: $561,113.81

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