State Center Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Transportation 3RD ST NW RECONSTRUCTION INCLUDING WATER, SANITARY AND STORM IMPROVEMENTS 06-01-2032 $1,435,000.00
General Obligation Transportation West Main Street Construction project, water, sewer and stormwater upgrades and $200,000 LMI Obligation 06-01-2027 $695,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers Sanitary Sewer Lining Project. (SRF Loan/total proceeds not received until fall of 2013) 06-01-2033 $701,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers Electric Revenue note for solar generation project. 06-01-2022 $363,511.83
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers SRF P&D 1st draw Note extension approved 04/18/2018 07-10-2021 $91,451.35
Loans Public Buildings/Schools up to $400,000.00 Library Pledge Revenue Note for Public Library addition and remodeling to be paid with proceeds of annual trust disbursements. 06-01-2027 $339,515.91
Total Debt as of 2019: $3,625,479.09

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