West Union Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Other Streetscape Project 06-01-2025 $1,300,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers GO Bond for Fire/Sewer/City Hall 06-01-2027 $330,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers water Portion of Streetscape Project. Other water projects. 06-01-2031 $800,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers USDA REDLG through Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative, Sewer Plant upgrade. 01-11-2028 $309,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers SRF funding for the construction of a Equalization Basin and UV process at our Sewer Plant 06-01-2037 $219,831.50
Total Debt as of 2019: $2,958,831.50

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