Center Point Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Transportation Street Construction Lewis Access Road Iowa Street 06-01-2030 $2,080,000.00
General Obligation Other GENERAL OBLIGATION CORP. PURPOSE AND REFUNDING BONDS SERIES 2018 06-01-2028 $1,475,000.00
General Obligation Other Street Projects Storm Sewer Projects Fross Park Improvements & Water Main - PD OFF WITH GO2018 REFI 06-01-2023 $0.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers Water Tower 06-01-2031 $920,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers Lagoon Project 06-01-2030 $169,000.00
Total Debt as of 2019: $4,644,000.00

Fun Facts: