Windsor Heights Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Transportation CAPITAL LOAN NOTES SERIES 2014A 06-01-2033 $2,419,040.00
General Obligation Housing/Urban Dev. REFUNDING GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS, SERIES 2017B 06-01-2021 $779,604.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers 2017A General Obligation Bonds- Street construction, sidewalks, water/sanitary sewer/storm water construction 06-01-2020 $471,300.00
Revenue Bonds Housing/Urban Dev. 2016B-Refunding Bonds- Hickman Road Cap Project 06-30-2028 $2,159,051.00
Revenue Bonds Housing/Urban Dev. 2016A Refunding Community Center Capital Project 06-30-2028 $1,071,914.00
Loans Public Buildings/Schools Purchase of public building and improvements to the building 07-01-2019 $145,000.00
Total Debt as of 2019: $7,045,909.00

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