Dubuque Outstanding Obligations
Security Class Purpose Type Description Final Maturity Amount
General Obligation Other 2021A Refunding of Series 2012A; 2012B; 2012E; 2012H; 2014B 06-01-2041 $25,935,000.00
General Obligation Other 2021B Refunding of Series 2012C; 2012F; 2014C 06-01-2036 $11,580,000.00
General Obligation Housing/Urban Dev. 2022B Tax Increment Financing improvements in Greater Downtown TIF and Dubuque Industrial Center 06-01-2042 $7,220,000.00
General Obligation Housing/Urban Dev. 2017B Refunding 06-01-2030 $6,245,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers 2018A-Refunding 2011A (Improvements to water and storm and sanitary sewer systems, land acq), and $200k of 'new money' to purchase emergency radios. 06-01-2031 $3,614,998.00
General Obligation Housing/Urban Dev. 2017A - Refunding & New Money Ambulance 06-01-2030 $3,232,584.00
General Obligation Public Buildings/Schools 2019C pay costs of refunding Series 2012D 06-01-2032 $3,200,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers 2021C Water Project 06-01-2030 $3,165,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers 2016C Sewer, Water and various buildings 06-01-2035 $3,035,000.00
General Obligation Utilities/Sewers 2016B Refunding GO Series 2003A, 2005A, 2006A & 2008A Storm water 2005B & 2008B Econ Dev 06-01-2023 $2,665,000.00
General Obligation Public Safety 2022A Finance ERP system, Fire Truck and ambulance 06-01-2042 $2,345,000.00
General Obligation Public Buildings/Schools 2019A GO acquisition Quick Response Pumper; improvement of city fire stations; Midtown Transfer Relocation, Multicultural Family Center remodel 06-01-2039 $2,175,000.00
General Obligation Other 2016A Franchise Fee Refund 06-01-2035 $2,040,000.00
General Obligation Housing/Urban Dev. 2017C Refunding 06-01-2030 $1,455,000.00
General Obligation Parks/Recreation 2019B GO construction skate park; improvement of Five Flags Center Arena; improvement, and energy efficiency improvements city buildings 06-30-2027 $545,000.00
General Obligation Industrial Related 2018B-Refunding of 2011B Remodel City building, economic development DICW and parking at the Port of Dubuque 06-01-2026 $540,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers 2015A Sales Tax Increment Bonds 06-01-2031 $20,800,000.00
Revenue Bonds Transportation 2007 TIF Bond Parking lot at Port of Dubuque 06-01-2037 $17,760,000.00
Revenue Bonds Utilities/Sewers 2014A Sales Tax Increment Revenue Bonds Bee Branch Storm Water 06-01-2029 $7,190,000.00
Capital Leases/Lease to Purchase Public Buildings/Schools 2012 Lease Purchase Bowling and Beyond building. 12-05-2032 $500,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2010 SRF-CO314R Water and Resource Recovery Plant contruction, including go-generation and green alley projects 06-01-2031 $52,834,999.67
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2021 SRF Stormwater Upper Bee Branch CNS10-5 06-01-2037 $18,541,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2019 SRF Upper Bee Branch Creek Railroad Culverts Project, Phase 7 of Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project 06-01-2040 $14,118,739.45
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2016 SRF D0410R - CIWA Purchase and Expansion of Westside Water System 06-01-2037 $7,075,761.13
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2010 SRF CO332R Storm water - Upper Bee Branch project 06-01-2031 $5,795,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2017 SRF Roosevelt Water Tower and Eagle Point Plant Improvements 06-01-2040 $4,029,000.00
Loans Housing/Urban Dev. 2011 Loan IFA Millwork District TIF renovate Caradco Building 06-04-2030 $2,973,389.47
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2019 SRF Kerper Blvd sanitary sewer reconstruction 06-01-2038 $2,160,537.57
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2013 SRF acquisition and installation of microturbines, compression skid, heat recovery units and related mechanical electrical and site work at W&RRC 06-01-2033 $1,825,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2013 SRF Meter Replacement FS-31-10-SWSRF-023 C0543R Sewer Portion 06-01-2030 $1,679,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2013 SRF Meter Replacement 06-01-2033 $1,679,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers Catfish creek watershed stablization sponsoship CF0667G-WRR-open 06-01-2037 $787,651.87
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2008 SRF CO190R Storm water - W32nd project 06-01-2029 $677,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2009 SRF CSO193R Sanitary sewer North Catfish Creek 06-01-2030 $436,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2009 SRF CSO195R Storm water-North Catfish Creek project 06-01-2030 $382,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2021B Catfish/Granger Creek SRF P&D C1162P-PDCW-2163 06-01-2044 $350,991.49
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2007 SRF D0001R Drinking water - well improvement 06-01-2028 $337,000.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2014 SRF Stormwater Bee Branch 06-01-2033 $200,999.51
Loans Utilities/Sewers Water Webber Extension - D0598P-PDDW-2243 - OPEN 01-07-2025 $100,257.00
Loans Utilities/Sewers 2021A Sanitary Master Plan SRF P&D C1161P-PDCW-2162 06-01-2044 $59,551.64
Loans Housing/Urban Dev. 2008 Loans Dbq Initiative, Purchase Parking Lot 07-01-2023 $54,581.41
Loans Utilities/Sewers Auburn&Custer/CenterPlace/Cooper&Maiden/Track Line P&D -C1163P-PDCW-2164 Open 03-19-2024 $32,547.91
Loans Utilities/Sewers Granger Creek/Twin Ridge P&D -C11248P-PDCW-2238 Open 01-07-2025 $5,994.70
Total Debt as of 2022: $241,378,584.82

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